The Loving Our Love Life Approach

The Loving Our Love Life approach brings deeper, more gratifying pleasure to couples and singles in their sex lives and in their day-to-day relating.

Most of us have had a sublime sexual experience that seemed to happen by serendipity or because our partner just happened to do it right. The magic doesn’t have to be elusive. Pleasure can be deliberate. Our love lives can get better and better and better. There is no upper limit!

The Loving Our Love Life approach incorporates principles of communication, of touch, of sensual pacing, and of reading and responding to your partner so that you will wonder at your ever-increasing capacity for pleasure.

John and Kim, a couple who had been together for 25 years, were enjoying their love life together. They came to a weekend workshop and learned how to use giving and receiving more deliberately. They immediately experienced new levels of luxurious pleasuring of each other, deepening and expanding their sensuality,

Janet and Will had been together for two years and felt like their sex life was going in reverse. They started weekly coaching. Resolving some hurts between them, they discovered a deepened appreciation for each other. They both also felt unsure that they knew what their partner wanted in bed. With open communication and learning sensual touch and sensual pacing principles, they renewed their enjoyment of sensual discovery together.

Michael, a divorced man, found returning to the dating world daunting. With weekly coaching, he discovered his natural appreciation of women held the key for light-heartedly engaging them. Learning more about man-woman dynamics, he successfully started dating and enjoyed developing new sexual relationships.